Repair of a cartilage defect without a scaffold… just stem cells

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Repair of a cartilage defect without a scaffold… just stem cells

A recent study showed an interesting method of repairing cartilage defects. The investigators stated, “Chondral defects – meaning cartilage damage- are a common condition that can lead to osteoarthritis if not treated. Therapy of this condition is a topic of constant debate and a variety of cartilage repair strategies are currently used. One strategy involves implantation of a cell-free matrix of type I collagen, to provide a scaffold for cartilage cell migration and multiplication and extracellular matrix production.
This is unusual since it’s been assumed you need at least some chondrocytes, meaning cartilage cells, in the graft.

The researchers provided a case history of an 18 year old man treated with this technique who showed that this technique led to normal appearing cartilage.

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